Monday, June 7, 2010


Hello All!
Well we finally made it to the chuppah and it was certainly the most beautiful day either of us ever experienced. There was a lot of laughter, some tears, tons of dancing, and tons of blessing. Now we're nesting in our little Jerusalem apartment, getting into married life, starting learning and working and jumping into reality and adulthood. We've decided it's hard, but definitely way better doing it together. Here are a few pictures we got from our friends. There's a lot more to come, especially the professional stuff. We can't wait to see the American contingent in August! We'll be having family and family friends celebrating with us at the Pratt Mansion across the street from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC on August 29th. We'll also be roaming the streets of NYC looking for yummy Kosher food and good Jazz for a full week besides. It's certainly not going to be as crazy as our Israeli wedding (I don't think either of us...or our parents have the strength to dance like that again for at least six months), but it should be a wonderful time to get to see each other / meet each other and do some serious shvitzing in the end of summer sun.

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